Home theatre and Surround Sound Installation

This package is a complete one room home theatre setup. It includes all necessary installation components and features to achieve movie theatre experience right at your home or business. This typically includes:

5.1 or 7.1 complete surround sound system to achieve best movie theatre sound possible, which includes:

Installing In-wall speakers, In-Ceiling Speakers, Floor Standing Speakers, Bookshelf Speakers or Satellite Speakers

Concealing wiring for the speakers in between the walls (if possible) or installing wireless speakers
Video equipment installation let it be a projector with large projection screen or LCD, LED, Plasma TV

We will mount or place your Projector or TV on any wall, ceiling or console of your choice

Conceal all wires in walls (if possible) or provide wireless solutions.
Connecting up to 10 Audio and Video Components

Includes Audio Video Components such as DVD players, Blu-Ray players, Cable boxes, Satellite boxes, VCR, CD players, CD recorders, media servers, media center extenders, network players, etc
Complete Audio and Video Calibration of your equipment specifically for your lighting and acoustic environment

Professionally calibrate your TV or Projector for the best picture possible

Professionally calibrate your Receiver/ Amplifier and speaker system

Program up to 2 non-learning remote controls to operate the system
Show you how to control and operate the system

We will spend as much time as client needs to show how to control and operate the system
All automation equipment also available

We will be able to integrate any Home Automation equipment into the system if requested

Our technicians will clean up work area and remove all packing materials

All above services available for both Commercial and Residential environments
All installations are performed only by professionals with minimum of 3 years of experience


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